Last 10 Minutes with her

A Broken heart, Tears in my eyes and i was talking to her, i didn’t know what to do, My Heart was not in peace. My Heart felt that she loved me, But My heart was Wrong.

She gave me time to leave me in a week , But my Heart Would not Believe. I Explained a lot to my heart ♥️ but the Heart did not believe.

On one hand, there was a thought of what to Answer the Heart after a week. I already hurt my heart by loving her.

Then suddenly the thought came to my mind that if she don’t want to stay then why i am forcing, Then suddenly my heart ♥️ said, If she has to leave in a week then why not today.

The heart ♥️ was crying from within because of this, it was very difficult for heart to take a decision.

I said boldly “Sophia” , This is our last day because even after a week, You have left . If you have to go, Why not today?

Sophia said, “Its up to you , You have to go a week later, Go today. My heart ♥️ was thinking that Sophia would say don’t go, but my heart was wrong.

Then at 12 O’clock there were ten Minutes left, then i said my Sophia only 10 minutes left and i said Sophia Hug me, then she said do it.

Then I don’t know the ten minutes passed very Quickly, Then she said Sunny its 12 O’clock, I wanted to say something but she said “Bye Sunny”

I was saying what i wanted to say but she didn’t listen and she hung up.

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