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Intelligent and Smart robots in the world


Sophia Robot

The Sofia robot is considered to be the best robot in the world because it is an interactive robot that can talk to you, answer your question, and even in the face of this robot it can express 62 kinds of expressions.

Sofia was made by Hansen Robotics of Hong Kong and it is quite famous. Sofia has given her interview on the famous news channels and her answers are quite good. It talks with the help of Artificial Intelligence, and makes answers to questions like a human and also perform humor and funny jokes.

The Govt Saudi Arabia has given her citizenship. This robot is an example and it is called one of the advanced robots in the world.


Asimo is considered to be the world’s most powerful Humanoid Robot. This is probably the world’s first powerful Humanoid Robot, which you can get to work by command. We have seen Humanoid Robot in a lot of Hollywood movies, whose perfect example is the Asimo robot. This Robo has been made by Honda and it is 4 feet high and 54 kilograms.

Asimo can speak in 3 languages ​​and it is Japanese,Japanese, Chinese and English. Japanese govt is doing a lot of work and is spending a lot of money on this robot. They are meant to include the value of govt.which they can do till 2020. Rolling bot Have you seen your Hollywood movie star wars? If yes, then you’ll definitely remember Robot BB – 8.

Yes, we are talking about the rolling bot robot which is exactly like your favorite BB-8. It’s a robot that you can easily use on your home. Yes you heard it perfectly.. These Robots made by the LG company can keep care of your home when you are not home. You can understand through this robot that everything in your house is fine or not and therefore it is beneficial.


Peeper was created by Alder ban Robotics in 2014 and you can call it Happy Robot as it was made to please humans. The particular thing about this robot is that they can easily read the fascinating expression of humans. Many people believe that this robot has been outdated, but the company’s claims that is that it is still an advanced robot and the chips in it are very modern. Its price is approximately 2000 Euros.would you like to adopt pepper.


Spot Robo has been created by Google’s company and it is an animal robot. Yes, it was heard exactly as it is known as Tog Robot. It moves on 4 feet and you can get work done inside or outside the house.Its special thing is that you can run it on any uneven surface and can find own way without any problem. However, till now it has not been decided whether you can keep this robot with animals.

When the robot was left with a dog, the dog remained barking at the spot all the time. Looking at this, it seems that there is still much work to do.


Deca robots are considered to be an example in the field of science and robotics, because this robot helps humans to live. Yes, you heard it perfectly. Deca Robots are a part of robotics, where people whose hands or feet are not there from childhood or cut off due to any type of disease are given these artificial limbs, which are Deca. Deca is designed by the American company in such a way that you will not realize that you do not have hands or feet.


It helps you to take the group and is a great invention in the world of prosthetic.


Robot snake is a very modern robot In fact, the Snake Robot is known as Ilumand it can reach the corner corner of the ocean, where it is not possible any man or object to go You will be surprised that this robot is used in under water submarine or ship repair . This Robohas been built by the Novogan Research Center and it can do any kind of mechanical working side the water.


This robot is transformed in any way. It is very flexible and it is a robot that looks like a real spider. Do you know that in this robot you can fright en anyone and this. This will give you tired of running, so it is one of the chess robbers.


This robot has been given the name Kangaroo because it is made similar to original kangaroo rake propulsion mechanism This robot increases its energy with every jump and also takes energy from it. The robotic kangaroo weighs around 7 kilograms and it can set the height of 80 centimeters distance and 40 centimeter in a jump.


Kangaroo is oftentired because it can not convert the energy, but Robotic bionic kangaroo converts energy with every jump which helps it to jump for the second time.


Butterfly robots look like real butterflies and it is very difficult to differentiate them from others. The robot weighs only 32 grams and is charged with chargeable batteries. A Butterfly Robot can fly for at least 4 hours after a 15-minute charge.

These signals can send to Centralized Computer, which you can know about what is happening at that place It’s probably one of the smallest and underweight robots in the world of robotics.

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