Her Thinking About My Love

Your heart had feelings I never knew.
To me they were so unworldly and new.
Sometimes I sit up thinking. What if I felt that way too.
Looking into your eyes, I see the cage, the restrain.
You’ve explained why you feel the way you do.
yet my head. Can’t comprehend.
1 week we said.

I can feel your pain.
An animal trapped on display with myself looking in.
“True love doesn’t exist”
You’d say.
But both you and I would cry ourselves to sleep.
And start the process of devotion all over again the next day.

What does love feel like?
I’d mumble to myself everyday.

1 week we said.

But what’s the aim of one week . If we’d part our own ways.
I wish I could remove your pain.
Stop wishing you’d say.
But we’re both to blame.

Why one week when we can stop today.

What was I meant to say..
We’re stuck in a loop that will hurt us either way…
And I’m afraid.
If I had let that conversation on the phone go on. I wouldn’t have gone away.
And in the end, I’d be the one to blame.
In a cycle that if one of us don’t stop. We’ll get stuck in.

I keep trying to look at the future, with no resolution.
I feel as if just “friends” we could never be.

But the thing is…with wounds. When you keep touching them they don’t heal either way.

Written by Sophia Maria

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